A New Online Application Process Strives to Make Residential Lending Easier

Would-be home buyers often run into hurdles that make the process more difficult than most would like. While there have been various efforts over the years to simplify things, financing and buying a home can still be extremely complex and challenging.

As those who visit Dustin Dimisa here will see, certain lenders are now putting technology to good use to help improve the situation. With InterContinental Capital Group’s new “Lending Made Easy” system simplifying things for borrowers, the company is benefiting, as well.

Residential Lending Becomes More Common and Capable Online

For many years, lending professionals have hoped to make better use of the Internet, but progress has come only in fits and spurts. With most borrowers still being forced to seek out assistance locally, it has come to seem to some as if the industry were being held back excessively.

When Dimisa co-founded InterContinental Capital Group in 2005, he did so with a wealth of lending experience behind him. Having already seen and dealt with the many problems that borrowers regularly face, he was committed from the start to helping to alleviate them.

The lender’s new online application system represents an important step in this direction. With applicants now putting in a fraction of the time that used to be the norm, volume has more than doubled. At the same time, InterContinental Capital Group employees spend less time following up on and processing applications, cutting down on costs.

Still Better Ways of Borrowing Online Await

Even with so much progress clearly being made, there are plenty of reasons to hope that things will continue to improve. While initiatives like Lending Made Easy are setting new benchmarks, residential lending professionals are planning out their next moves.

Many believe, for instance, that opening up new options for servicing loans online will produce just as many benefits as with streamlined, digital applications. While it might be some time before the necessary infrastructure can be developed and deployed, costs could easily come down yet again.

When they do, borrowers and lenders will both benefit, just as they presently are from the latest developments. Even if the industry sometimes seems to have become stagnant, there are always bright spots of progress.